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Make your conventional business online by owning a website or application that can be accessed 24 hours via various computer devices, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Our Main Services

Our Services

Website Design
This service offers web design services to you. There are several packages to choose from which are grouped by website type, features and completeness.
Domain and Hosting Rental
Websites and applications require a container and address so they can be visited or accessed.
Web Development
All in one package in the form of domain provision services, hosting, web design, SEO Optimize, as well as updates and maintenance. Usually refers to a contract period of 1 year.
SEO Optimizer
Do you want your website to be better known and easier to find on search engines like Google? You can use this service.
Website to App
Helps you transform your website into an Android or iOS application. Various methods can be used.
Update, Maintain, Optimize Website
Vehicles also need service so they can be driven smoothly and smoothly, as do websites which consist of applications and plugins.

Why MANAKreatif?

About Us

Experience is one thing that cannot be pursued without involving time.

5 reasons to use MANAKreatif services to build your Media Digital business


For more than 15 years Manakreatif has existed and dedicated itself to the digital world. Now with a new commitment, a new spirit is also present in improving its services.

Personal Touch:
Humanize humans

Nowadays AI is booming and we also care and follow, but to communicate with you we still use the function of our mouths and hands.

The Best of Me

Whatever project you give, we will do it with our best attitude and skills. The best results and benefits you receive are also achievements for us.

Fast Response
Immediate Engagement

In the fast-paced digital world, time is of the essence. BOT guarantees instant responses, allowing you to capture leads and solve customer queries faster than ever before. Maintain a competitive edge with a service that's as quick as it is efficient.

Easy Setup |
Easy to use

You just focus on use and benefits. For security issues and ease of management, we will provide the bridge for you. We also provide a guide to follow.

Said those who have received the benefits

Client Testimony
Mariusz S.
Mariusz S.
at Merkam.eu

That was a pleasure working with Aris.

I give 5 stars for Punctuality
at Sunrei

Pekerjaannya baik sekali.  Sangat professional.

I give 5 stars for Professionalism
Shopify Master
at Website

Manakreatif telah menyelesaikan tugas pembuatan website dengan baik.
Benar2 expert di bidang wordpress

I give 5 stars for Professionalism
at Asuransiprofesi.com

Terima Kasih, Project diselesaikan On time, improvisasi design bagus dan komunikasi fast Respond. Professional

I give 5 stars for Punctuality
at Sewakomputer.com

Pak Aris, orangnya gak banyak bicara / nanya, tapi beliau mengerti bagaimana cara membuat website yang berkelas, mantap deh, puas, semoga bisa terus bekerja sama di project selanjutnya. Terima kasih.

I give 5 stars for Design
Palapa Visual
Web Admin
at Palapa Visual

Great experience working with Manakeatif!

I give 5 stars for Professionalism

The proof of our dedication is in numbers.

We are matured by time. We are old but what we follow is a tool/symbol of progress. That’s why we are always moved to move forward and don’t want to be left behind.


Project done


Years of experience


Products & Services



All in One Package

All Packages Done – One Plan Fits All


What do you get?

We have risen to the next level because we don’t just talk about technique, but we have a team that has built itself around diverse needs that respond to the challenges and demands of society. We summarize and package all of these things as an anti-failure service in whatever legal business you are involved in with more protection for you as a consumer according to the motto Buyer is King.

Website Development

An all in one website development package that prioritizes features and strategies to obtain maximum results.

SEO Optimizer

Plan and organize social media content intensively to boost the position and popularity of your online business.

Secure Stable Website Hosting

Hosting with high specifications equipped with various tools that support stability and security.

updates & maintenance

Engage with your customers in real-time, directly from the CRM. Seamlessly switch between channels without ever leaving the dashboard.

Marketing Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns with in-depth analytics. Know what's working, tweak what isn't, and optimize for better results.

Online Technical Support

Simplify complex tasks and workflow through automation. From customer segmentation to follow-ups, our system does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

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